Substantial est de retour avec un nouveau projet en compagnie de son partenaire de toujours Marcus D, ils nous livrent le fabuleux “Present” EP . Interviewé pour l’occasion voici ce qu’il nous racontait: (interview intégrale dans le prochain Hip Hop Breath magazine / full interview on Hip Hop Breath magazine next issue).

Present is the third and final EP before the release of my fourth studio album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future. Each EP is produced by a producer I’ve worked with regularly.  I worked with The Other Guys and Algorythm for the first two EPs. It was only right that I would include my Bop Alloy partner, Marcus D, for the last one. The title Present not only represents our present times and where we stand in them but the forces and people present in our lives and how they influence us.

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