via News: The Find Magazine proud sponsor of Nujabes tribute event.

It’s almost one year ago when Japanese producer Nujabes died after a fatal car accident in Tokyo. He left a big hole in the music scene and a lot of fans miss him dearly. To honour him and to spread his legacy, within a few weeks there will be a Nujabes Tribute event called Peaceland.

Artists such as Substantial, Apani B Fly, Marcus D (Bop Alloy together with Substantial), Emancipator and Pase Rock (dj set) perform at this evening to pay homage to Jun Seba. The Find Magazine is proud to be one of the official sponsors of this event. You can purchase your copy of Issue Four at the event (including Nujabes Memorial pages) and all profit goes to Jun Seba’s family.

If you want to be there to support this good cause or just to enjoy all the good music, then get your ticket here. The event takes place at Bobby McKeys, 172 Fleet Street, Maryland (United States).