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For the second single off their new EP Always, Maryland emcee Substantial and Brooklyn producer Algorythm link with QN5’s Tonedeff and Bop Alloy producer Marcus D for the fan favorite, “Tony Stanza”.

Following up his latest EP with The Other Guys, Maryland emcee Substantial joins forces with Algorythm (1/2 of the BK production duo The Stuyvesants) for Always. Always is the second of three EPs leading up to Substantial’s upcoming fourth studio album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future. Always features GRAMMY nominated, Ethiopian-born, singer/songwriter Wayna, QN5 founder and emcee Tonedeff, DC based singer/songwriter Deborah Bond, Danish singer/songwriter/producer Fjer, and Seattle based Bop Alloy producer Marcus D. Musically, Algorythm provides the perfect soundscape for Substantial’s witty and thought provoking lyrics which are sharp as ever. Always is a collection of songs about legacy, life and being present in the moment that will be remembered as the soundtrack to the summer of 2015.

Substantial’s full length album The Past Is Always Present In The Future drops fourth quarter 2015.




Following up his latest EP with The Other Guys, Maryland emcee Substantial joins forces with Algorythm (1/2 of the BK production duo The Stuyvesants) for AlwaysAlways is the second of three EPs leading up to Substantial’s upcoming fourth studio album, The Past Is Always Present In The FutureAlways features GRAMMY nominated, Ethiopian-born, singer/songwriter Wayna, QN5 founder and emcee Tonedeff, DC based singer/songwriter Deborah Bond, Danish singer/songwriter/producer Fjer, and Seattle based Bop Alloy producer Marcus D. Musically, Algorythm provides the perfect soundscape for Substantial’s witty and thought provoking lyrics which are sharp as ever. Always is a collection of songs about legacy, life and being present in the moment that will be remembered as the soundtrack to the summer of 2015.

Substantial’s full length album The Past Is Always Present In The Future drops fourth quarter 2015.

Always is available now via iTunesBandcamp, and all other digital outlets. Purchase now via Bandcamp and receive a free bonus mix of Substantial and Algorythm’s previous work mixed by DJ Jav. Clean version of Always is also available on Bandcamp.

By the way, Substantial & Marcus D are currently putting tour dates together for Asia in Late September, US (East Coast) in October & US (West Coast) in December. Contact Tony Caferro (tone@dtr45.comfor all serious booking inquiries.


CONNECT WITH  SUBSTANTIAL : Web Site | Artist Page | Facebook | Twitter

TWITTER HANDLES: @IamSubstantial | @Algorythmusic | @HiPNOTT

Animator/Director: CARLO-ROMAN PICASO

Last year, Substantial Marcus D (together known as Bop Alloy) released their critically acclaimed sophomore LP, Another Day in the Life of. The album, included the gem Sketches of Pain” featuring Jazz/Folk songstress Oma Pearl which Swiss animator Carlo-Roman Picaso recently brought to life with “A beautifully executed video that captures the essence of what the track is really about” says Marcus D. Carlo-Roman does a masterful job of stringing together images of police brutality, protest, various forms of mental & physical anguish with portraits of hope and perseverance.

Quote from the Director/Animator:

The inspiration to create this video was to give the artists something back. Through my studies in Animation, at work and in my private life, I always listen to their music. Everything started with Nujabes. I watched the Anime series Samurai Champloo and as young animation artist it’s natural to research who directed it and who did the soundtrack. I liked listening to Hip Hop and Jazz before and Nujabes had the perfect mix, so i started to follow his music and his collaborations with other Hip Hop artists like Substantial. After Nujabes died, I was very touched by his musician friends. This community is fantastic and I always wanted to be a small part of this nice community.


‘Another Day in the Life of…’ is available in CD, Digital & Vinyl formats:

In other news, Substantial has completed the next EP in a series of 3 leading up to his 4th solo album The Past Is Always Present In The FutureAlways [EP] is entirely produced by Algorythm (The Stuyvesants) and features GRAMMY nominated songstress Wayna, QN5 Music’s el capitan Tonedeff, soul vocalist Deborah Bond and Danish singer/songwriter FjerAlways drops July 17th.

The first EP, The Past…, is out now on HiPNOTT Records.


TWITTER HANDLES: @BopAlloy | @IamSubstantial | @MarcusD | @HiPNOTT

CD/Digital Album:­-lp

Edited by Vinnie Hobbs
Music/Video Produced by Marcus D

-Pismo’s part filmed by Jeff Kramer
-Substantial’s part filmed by
-Cise Star’s part filmed by Stan Robinson
-ZANE & Marcus D’s part filmed by Munemitsu Sugihara

Released by Absolutzero



Bop Alloy Releases Holiday Project – Winter Breaks 

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 9, 2014 – Independent Hip Hop duo Bop Alloy will release their first holiday project on December 9, 2014. In February 2014, Bop Alloy was able to fund their 2nd LP, ‘Another Day in the Life of…’ using Kickstarter. The initial goal of the project was $7000. They more than doubled that amount in under one month and issued stretch goals, one of which included a holiday EP which would become ‘Winter Breaks’.

‘Winter Breaks’ compiles 6 sonically vintage Hip Hop tracks. Producer, Marcus D handles the live instrumentation mixes masterfully while infusing jazz, soul and a pinch of Afro beat samples. Lyrically, Substantial touches on the personal, social, and economical effects of the Holiday season, using thoughtful lyricism, wit, and a variety of flows to paint a different portrait of Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t a traditional Christmas/Holiday album. I celebrate Kwanzaa as well and I set out to make songs that give you a peek into this underexposed, wonderful world”, says Substantial.

“Regardless of how you celebrate, what you celebrate, and/or who you celebrate it with, this is the best time of year, and I think ‘Winter Breaks’ embodies that sentiment without the cliche “holiday raps factor”, says Marcus D. The ‘Winter Breaks’ EP is sure to be the only holiday music you’ll be playing from now through February.

Track Listing*

  1. Let The Flakes Fall Where They May
  2. Hottest Christmas On Record
  3. Resolutions Per Minute
  4. Spent
  5. Longing for Nia
  6. A Celebration

*All songs written, produced by Substantial & Marcus D 

Available at

About Bop Alloy 
Bop Alloy, comprised of Maryland emcee, Substantial and Seattle, WA producer, Marcus D, have become a staple in today’s international Jazz Hop scene. Baritone vocals, fluid flows, and honest lyrics over hypnotic melodies and pounding drums define the Bop Alloy sound. Together and individually, they have collaborated with the likes of Nujabes, Royce Da 5’9”, Kool Herc, Oddisee, Emancipator, CunninLynguists, Shing02, Choklate, and Kenichiro Nishihara. Bop Alloy’s ‘Another day in the life of…’ was released in April 2014 and features GRAMMY nominated Singer/Songwriter, Carolyn Malachi, Cise Star (of CYNE), and Pismo.

Twitter: @BopAlloy

Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D)
Autumn Leaves
featuring Pismo
Produced by Marcus D

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Spotify

From Another Day in the Life of…


With Fall in full swing, it’s only fitting that Substantial & Marcus D officially release their latest single, Autumn Leaves. Guest vocals from the always soulful Pismo, add the perfect touch to this Autumn anthem while Marcus D’s stellar production sonically captures the coolness and brilliant colors of the season. Substantial’s lyrics, inspired by Gordon Park’s book To Smile In Autumn, talk about setting new goals after reaching those from his youth as his life approaches the Autumn years.

It’s like I reached that point where many folk lives get froze
Instead I’m busy living most of my childhood goals
Never stagnant, forever I’ll strive for more
This elevator’s barely above the bottom floor

Autumn Leaves is from Bop Alloy’s critically acclaimed 2nd album,
Another Day in the Life of… if you’re a vinyl record enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that the duo recently released a Limited Edition EP version on 12″ vinyl. Pick up your copy today and don’t forget, there’s more Bop Alloy right around the corner. The Winter Breaks Digital-Only EP drops this December 2014.

### | Gear | Music

Shout out to guys at Alloy 7 Video for taking time to review our recent Bop Alloy album, ‘Another Day in the Life of…’. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to their channel and ours if you haven’t done so already.




8/21 – Dallas, TX @ The Crown & Harp (Upstairs)
8/22 – Austin, TX @ Flamingo Cantina
8/23 – San Antonio, TX @ Grand Hyatt San Antonio

Peace World. New music from Bop Alloy

Taken from
While touring the U.S. this past spring, emcee Substantial and beatsmith Marcus D. managed to step into the studio together for the first time since releasing Another Day in the Life Of…, their sophomore album under the Bop Alloy banner. The result, making its world premiere on our front page, is a brand new freestyle titled Waiting Room. Behind the boards, Marcus creates an atmosphere that’s “part pimp, part doctor’s office waiting room circa early-‘70s.” Sub adapts his flow to the laid-back instrumental, reeling off agile, intricate bars without breaking a sweat. Waiting Room isn’t part of a larger set, but we’ll keep you posted on the underground twosome’s plans as further details emerge.

RATE THIS SONG:…g-room-freestyle/

Waiting Room Instrumental originally featured on ‘Another Day in the Life of…”. Album available on Bandcamp:

Yes it Is I back with my guy our styles collide
Try to imitate or deny this fly shit we provide…
Ya gotta be dumb, the lottery y’all just won, start turning them headphones up
And feel the allure of what we record we can’t be compared to none
So called elite ones, Nor the cretins
We see their hunger and they’re bitin but none of ’em eatin
Uh-un, don’t care where you’re from star you’ll never be us
My lyrics are mags and you’ll need a rag to sop up their wack ass…
Trust issues because music been misused, but we are the Vishnu
Of this ish dude, our music uplifts you as you continue to climb
And shine as bright as I’m or until stars resign
Mind’s Einstein with rhymes fresher than thyme or pine
Been in my prime with spittin design to give you classic tunes
Get in our way get hit with this spray that gives you acid wounds
Original man with lyrics and plans unlike these average coons
Hurling these bombs, the world in palm, I’m bout to grab the moon
Then I’ll get Mars, hit’em with bars, scratch that, harpoons
Hit’em so hard, get visions of stars at 3 in the afternoon
We puttin it down, ain’t fucking around with these rap baboons
Don’t monkey around with none of them clowns national lampoon’s
But we’re a national treasure, put that on your ledger,
Make sure that it’s bold in capital letters, feeling like Hannibal Lecter
It’s on should’ve been warned, yall are just entrees to us
Far from the norm of what we perform, it’s just spontaneous
I get lost in the moment, told‘em I am prone to black out
Bars as good as gold and I’m the chosen, mo’ than what they rap bout
To my father I am beholden, suppose that I would’ve told’em
That I’ve been posin’… after the scolding probably would’ve got smacked out
I don’t act out, I don’t act up I ain’t acting
That ain’t what my life bout I am active, I’m bout action
Fuck them what they chat bout need to wrap up all that rappin’
Runnin circles round these bamas man I’ll lap them and they’re faction…
Facts friend!

Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Stay in Peace.

Substantial & Marcus D Present
A Spyridon Pictures Production

‘No Bop. No Life.’

In this short, yet fun, promotional video edited by Josué Silva, Substantial & Marcus D ask the question, ‘What happens when you stop listening to Bop Alloy?’ Adikkal, Tonedeff, Lee Hahn, Serenity (Substantial’s daughter), PackFM & even the notorious ‘Instagator’ take turns explaining what happened to them when they stopped listening to Bop Alloy.

Bop Alloy’s New LP ‘Another Day in the Life of…’ is currently available at the following sites:

Access Hip Hop (CD + Poster):
Amazon (CD & Digital):
Bandcamp (CD & Digital):
CDBaby (CD & Digital): (Digital):
iTunes (Digital):…/id859134058

Peace World. Just a quick post to let you guys know that the new Bop Alloy album is now on Youtube. Details below.

Bop Alloy’s 2nd Album ‘Another Day in the Life of…’
Purchase the Digital Version:
CD also available:

***Apologies for the double up on ‘Autumn Leaves’.***

Released 08 April 2014
All songs written & produced by Substantial (Unlimited Vinyl, ASCAP) & Marcus D (Marcus D Productions, ASCAP)

Executive Producers: Substantial & Marcus D
Co-Executive Producers: Zack Edwards, Andrew Schoen, Andrew Thomas, Rodrigo Tapia, Alexander Lee & Cecil Rappold
Mixed by Vitamin D
Mastered by D-Sane
Art & Design by Stan B. Robinson
Photos of Substantial by Rachelle Etienne-Robinson
Photos of Marcus D by Sawyer Purman

Carolyn Malachi appears courtesy of Carolyn Malachi Legacy Brands (ASCAP)
Cise Starr appears courtesy of Hometapes / CLYDEMAX (ASCAP)
Justis appears courtesy of Himself
Kenichiro Nishihara appears courtesy of Unprivate
Oma Pearl appears courtesy of Herself
Pismo appears courtesy of Shou Records / GroundRhythm (ASCAP)
Steph, The Sapphic Songstress appears courtesy of Twelth Sign Publishing (ASCAP)

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