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CD/Digital Album:­-lp

Edited by Vinnie Hobbs
Music/Video Produced by Marcus D

-Pismo’s part filmed by Jeff Kramer
-Substantial’s part filmed by
-Cise Star’s part filmed by Stan Robinson
-ZANE & Marcus D’s part filmed by Munemitsu Sugihara

Released by Absolutzero





Soul samples and hard drums. Crispy snares and vinyl pops. All the DNA involved in making a cold boom bap album. But if music is a language, then what JSOUL is saying speaks volumes. As JSOUL explains, “Each Track I make represents what I love and want to hear inside the culture I was raised in. It expresses the sentiments I believe in without having to say a word.” While the core of The Purple Symphony lies in the head nod, the underlying message is “let’s make something and say something real.” From beginning to end, the message is clear; all you gotta do is listen.

Coming from Baltimore the harsh realities mixed with the club culture and strong hip hop scene makes it easy to translate. Working with wordsmiths like Substantial, Greenspan, Mathematics, Eze Jackson & Sean Armstrong adds to the depth of the album’s message.

“As a visual artist I’ve always seen colors and shapes when listening to music. That’s the reason I called it The Purple Symphony. Different Colors have an effect on our psychological imprints. When I made the album I saw the color purple; which is a strong color, but can be used in many different ways to convey many different things.”– JSOUL

The Purple Symphony is available now for pre-order on iTunes, Bandcamp, UGHH, and Fat Beats. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp and receive the first single “Get On Down” featuring Substantial immediately for free download!

Listen to the new single now on SOUNDCLOUD or BANDCAMP.

Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D)
Autumn Leaves
featuring Pismo
Produced by Marcus D

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Spotify

From Another Day in the Life of…


With Fall in full swing, it’s only fitting that Substantial & Marcus D officially release their latest single, Autumn Leaves. Guest vocals from the always soulful Pismo, add the perfect touch to this Autumn anthem while Marcus D’s stellar production sonically captures the coolness and brilliant colors of the season. Substantial’s lyrics, inspired by Gordon Park’s book To Smile In Autumn, talk about setting new goals after reaching those from his youth as his life approaches the Autumn years.

It’s like I reached that point where many folk lives get froze
Instead I’m busy living most of my childhood goals
Never stagnant, forever I’ll strive for more
This elevator’s barely above the bottom floor

Autumn Leaves is from Bop Alloy’s critically acclaimed 2nd album,
Another Day in the Life of… if you’re a vinyl record enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that the duo recently released a Limited Edition EP version on 12″ vinyl. Pick up your copy today and don’t forget, there’s more Bop Alloy right around the corner. The Winter Breaks Digital-Only EP drops this December 2014.

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Peace World. New collaboration with the producer duo A June & J Beat and yours truly, If It Hadn’t Been For You featuring soul singer Jeff Bernat & Substantial.

I wrote this track as a dedication to my closest family and friends who’ve stood with me since day one. You are appreciated. If it hadn’t been for you, none of this would have been possible.

Listen. Enjoy. Pass it on.

Stay in Peace.

Peace World. Just a quick post to let you guys know that the new Bop Alloy album is now on Youtube. Details below.

Bop Alloy’s 2nd Album ‘Another Day in the Life of…’
Purchase the Digital Version:
CD also available:

***Apologies for the double up on ‘Autumn Leaves’.***

Released 08 April 2014
All songs written & produced by Substantial (Unlimited Vinyl, ASCAP) & Marcus D (Marcus D Productions, ASCAP)

Executive Producers: Substantial & Marcus D
Co-Executive Producers: Zack Edwards, Andrew Schoen, Andrew Thomas, Rodrigo Tapia, Alexander Lee & Cecil Rappold
Mixed by Vitamin D
Mastered by D-Sane
Art & Design by Stan B. Robinson
Photos of Substantial by Rachelle Etienne-Robinson
Photos of Marcus D by Sawyer Purman

Carolyn Malachi appears courtesy of Carolyn Malachi Legacy Brands (ASCAP)
Cise Starr appears courtesy of Hometapes / CLYDEMAX (ASCAP)
Justis appears courtesy of Himself
Kenichiro Nishihara appears courtesy of Unprivate
Oma Pearl appears courtesy of Herself
Pismo appears courtesy of Shou Records / GroundRhythm (ASCAP)
Steph, The Sapphic Songstress appears courtesy of Twelth Sign Publishing (ASCAP)

Peace World.

Substantial & Marcus D, together known as Bop Alloy, return with their signature jazz induced sound and a clever new single entitled ‘Count On Us’ from their forthcoming sophomore LP, ‘Another Day in the Life of…’ out this Spring. Featuring sparse, yet perfectly placed vocals from Steph, The Sapphic Songstress, COU showcases the duo’s sonic growth with Marcus tickling the ivory to perfection over his sophisticated brand of Boom-Bap. (Think jacket and tie with fresh sneaks.) Substantial masterfully chronicles BA’s humble beginnings, the morning after a show, while simultaneously counting from 1 to 40. This is the type of creative Hip Hop storytelling the repeat button was made for.

On February 4, 2014, Bop Alloy launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their new album ‘Another Day In The Life of…’. With a goal of $7000 and a funding period of 20 days, Bop Alloy hit the ground running and took to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to promote their campaign. The duo achieved their goal in one week! Pledge incentives included digital downloads, t-shirts, posters, autograph copies of their CD and even an offer to perform at your wedding. With 13 days remaining, Bop Alloy provided stretch goal incentives for their fans. With $10,000 raised, fans can aide Bop Alloy with a Holiday album scheduled for release Winter 2014. If $15,000 is raised, they will record and film a live album and all contributors will be given free admission into the event. Six days later they reached their 1st stretch goal. “The support’s overwhelming. $10,000 without even a preview of any new music is a testament to the kind of fans we have, and the type of listeners we attract”, said Marcus D.

Support the campaign by contributing on Kickstarter:

Stay in Peace.

P.S. Show dates coming soon. In fact, here’s one of many:

Go to Bop Alloy’s Campaign page to make your pledge:
Peace Family, Friends, Fans & Supporters. We are proud to announce our official Kickstarter Campaign for our new album ‘Another Day in the Life of…’. Once again we call on the greatest people/fans we’ve ever known to help us make our latest work a reality. Our goal is $7,000 and based on the feedback you offered, we’ve done our best to come up with perks that you’ll love and that we know we can actually supply you with.Thanks in advance for your support and know that new music is right around the corner. Spread the word.

– BA (Sub & MD)

Full Project Available on Bandcamp – OCT. 21st!

Peace World. Peep my latest collaboration from South Korean production duo, A June & J Beat‘s new project, Jazz nature Vol.1

Lyrics below:

They back down ’cause they’re scared to fight
Rather die than live their life

Not everyman will be branded as a champion
Handling certain circumstances can be challenging
Some overcome regardless of what land we in
For others its like trying to drive after Ambien
Crash and burn like After Earth
So what’s your answer when they asked your worth
And is it even worth asking when you’ve had your turn
It was halfassed for sure and you don’t act concern
Even though you knew you failed when the class adjourned
Some blaze trails, you leave overpasses burned
Unable to bridge the gap ability you lack not
But your gumption is lost in the forest
And I ain’t see it fall so I ain’t tryna hear it
Easy to take a loss if you ain’t got a fighting spirit
Victory could be ours tonight and you ain’t gotta fear it
Make sure you give it all your might, push it to the limit


Back you into a corner make you feel like you’re a goner quick!
Turning the heat up on ya’ they can see that you’re gonna quit
Bleeding through your persona, habit they don’t think you’re gonna kick
Come to capture your honor, wear your heart like an ornament
Chopping you down like fine pine
Between defeat and forfeit there’s a fine line
Should I care when it’s easier to mind mine?
I was taught to share when you spot a fine find
Strike me down now if I’m lying
A alike, Be alike, God and I’m lion
Fight for my pride battle any adversary
Because run and hide ain’t in our vocabulary
Imagine if our ancestors had the chance and didn’t
Do what was necessary long ago to make a difference (uh!)
Never surrender, never give up for a minute
Never give’em the pleasure of thinking you could be finish


– – –

NEW RELEASE on October 21th, A June & June ‘Jazz nature Vol.1’

‘A June & J Beat’, representing ‘Link6 Music’, dreamy and mysterious ‘Jazz nature Vol.1’ is finally released after ‘Soul Store’ album.

Participating artists includes: ‘Substantial’, famous for Nujabes’ music and holds respects all around the Asia, ‘DJ Hazey 82’ and ‘Zo’, whom are very active in current jazz hip-hop scene. Intro music with floating images with mist, aurora, sun and moon; 2 natural dreamy bridge bit music and 3 instrumental pieces for all the sound tracks are included in the album.

Yet, another mellow jazz-type EP is to be released.

Additionally, South Korea’s artist ‘ChamDaRangUh’ decided to take the album cover for this music.
– – –

Also available from Substantial, ‘Home Is Where The Art Is” + ‘Jackin Jill’:

Peace World. Check out a new track I did with Japan’s Haruka Nakamura. Enjoy & pass it on!


Just trying to find peace of mind
Sit back let my seat recline
But it seems like…
Somebody wanna piece of mine
At war ‘til the beast resigns
Make things right

I do battle with my art now that I’ve matured
Fight less the more that I’ve studied the art of war
Spend less paper and I barter more
Move smarter, what’s the point of working harder for
Back in the day we hustled until our palms were sore
Daily reminder of them times when we was kinda poor
Surrounded by my people who were kind before
The success and we’re blessed with a divine rapport
Thank the lord, for my fam in Baltimore
The DMV, BK & across the shore
Y’all of course, knew that I was born to soar
When they laughed, now raise a glass after the bottle pours
Omnivore, learned to make green with my beef
Dinosaur with a future who refused to go extinct
Connoisseur of tunes not found in most department stores
‘Cause when it’s lost they leave my mind restored

Man a brother been thru hell and back.
Pressure that might bend you but I won’t snap
Tarnished from the disputes my armor won’t crack
Stronger and I’m mentally intact
And when it’s hard to record
I focus on the moment when my daughter was born
It’s like that


It’s amazing how we can find a way to make it
While some seek the thing you’re relying on to take it
Disrespecting your struggle they gotta know it’s sacred
Time to go war with Goliath & you’re David
Doubters looking on like this guy ain’t got a prayer
Unaware that of the giants you’re a slayer
Now I play the game as if I’m the only player
And knowledge of yourself can lighten up the labor

Man a brother been thru hell and back.
Pressure that might bend you but I won’t snap
Tarnished from the disputes my armor won’t crack
Stronger and I’m mentally intact
And when it’s hard to keep on
I focus on the moment when my daughter was born
It’s like that

I just focus on my blessing and the lesson she gave me
Such a powerful weapon when you’re stressing like crazy
Plus in or out a sessions I got brethren to save me
They’ll come thru in a second so don’t question their bravery
I’ll manuever these waters like a vet from the Navy
M.I.A. for weeks trying to get to my lady
From my slice of heaven let no fella negate me
Strengthen by it’s essence so I cherish it greatly
It’s power are of legend I won’t let it escape me
Without it they’ll break me, with it I am amazing
They try to deaden my drive, rather it dead than alive
Refuse to let them threaten the thing that help me survive
I’ll hide in the clouds overheads I reside
That’s my blood, sweat and tears when it rains from the sky
Working overtime trying to bring these dream to life
‘Cause you really ain’t free if you don’t have Peace of Mind


Stay in Peace.

 Substantial “Resilient (Marcus D Remix)
Also Available On: Soundcloud | ReverbNation | Youtube
Substantial - Paul Abraham

Substantial “Home Is Where The Art Is” continues to grace speakers domestically and internationally after having gained critical acclaim a few months back.  Since releasing the Oddisee executive produced album, Substantial has done a quick tour with Diamond District emcee yU, dropped a few bonus tracks with Oddisee,Homeboy Sandman, and others, and even was invited to do an akapelah show at the Smithsonian in DC.

“Speak about it, Then I be about it.”

For the album cut “Resilient” Substantial brings on Seattle producer and Bop Alloypartner Marcus D to provide a smoothed out, jazz infused remix.  The track, originally produced by Eric Lau, is a testament to the strength it takes to claim your identity and walk your own path.  The Marcus D jazz remix is a perfect fit for the reflective & uplifting declarations of Substantial.  

Enjoy and feel free to share!

Pick up Substantial “Home Is Where The Art Is” Vinyl | CD | Mp3

Photo: Paul Abraham

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