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(Shout out to Marcus J. Moore)

If it weren’t for Nujabes, a Japanese producer whose experimental grooves made him a notable name in his country, the world probably wouldn’t know about Substantial.

That’s why the Landover/Baltimore hybrid is helping organize next week’s “Peaceland: A World Without Words” event at the National Harbor, which will honor the legacy of the fallen producer, who died last year in a car accident. Nujabes (new-jah-bess) was 36.

“I owe a lot to him,” Substantial tells Arts Desk. “If it wasn’t for this brother, people wouldn’t hear the music they’re used to hearing from me.”

The production on Substantial’s first album, To This Union a Sun Was Born, was largely handled by Nujabes, and Substantial’s first singles were released through the producer’s independent Hyde Out Productions imprint.

The two eventually found it challenging to record together and grew apart professionally. Still, Substantial says he was “devastated” when Bop Alloypartner Marcus D. texted him that Nujabes had died.

“You never forget how you got your start,” Substantial says. “You keep thinking about all those moments.”

On Feb. 17, Substantial will be joined by Pase RockEmancipatorApani B.,and several others at the bar Bobby McKey’s for the Peaceland tribute show. The bar is located at 172 Fleet St. in Oxon Hill. Doors open at 8 p.m.; show begins at 9. Tickets are $15. Go here to purchase.


via News: The Find Magazine proud sponsor of Nujabes tribute event.

It’s almost one year ago when Japanese producer Nujabes died after a fatal car accident in Tokyo. He left a big hole in the music scene and a lot of fans miss him dearly. To honour him and to spread his legacy, within a few weeks there will be a Nujabes Tribute event called Peaceland.

Artists such as Substantial, Apani B Fly, Marcus D (Bop Alloy together with Substantial), Emancipator and Pase Rock (dj set) perform at this evening to pay homage to Jun Seba. The Find Magazine is proud to be one of the official sponsors of this event. You can purchase your copy of Issue Four at the event (including Nujabes Memorial pages) and all profit goes to Jun Seba’s family.

If you want to be there to support this good cause or just to enjoy all the good music, then get your ticket here. The event takes place at Bobby McKeys, 172 Fleet Street, Maryland (United States).

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