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I moved to Brooklyn in 97 to attend Pratt and to pursue my music career. I quickly became immersed in the Underground Hip Hop scene and eventually met @packfm and later @mrmecc and started performing. During that time I saw many talented MCs who were already respected in the scene. One of those was my man, #PH (formerly known as #PumpkinHead). He was a fierce battle MC and made equally dope music. After I copped his 12″ vinyl “Wack MCs” I began sharing his music and name with my friends back in #PG. At some point he heard me rhyme and told me I was dope in like 98 or 99. Not sure if knew it, but that moment was a big F**KING deal to me! I had gained the respect of him OBS, Hydra & Jean Grae. Artists I admired and respected were now family. The time I spent with him and the rest of our fam help me grow my craft tremendously.

Beyond rap he was a good man. A family man. In fact, the first conversation I had about balancing life as an MC with fatherhood (before I becsme a father) was with him on our way to Scribble Jam. He told me that no matter how difficult it seems, you always find away because you love your family. I’m grateful to have known you, brother and will always miss you. My deepest condolences to the Diaz Family and everyone like me who considered you family. #ripPH Breaks my heart to know that your daughter will never meet you but I and rest of your family will do all we can to keep your memory alive.

#Salute #ThePlague4Life #StillThrowingMyPsUp My favorite PH album -> #OrangeMoonOverBrookyln

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