Soul samples and hard drums. Crispy snares and vinyl pops. All the DNA involved in making a cold boom bap album. But if music is a language, then what JSOUL is saying speaks volumes. As JSOUL explains, “Each Track I make represents what I love and want to hear inside the culture I was raised in. It expresses the sentiments I believe in without having to say a word.” While the core of The Purple Symphony lies in the head nod, the underlying message is “let’s make something and say something real.” From beginning to end, the message is clear; all you gotta do is listen.

Coming from Baltimore the harsh realities mixed with the club culture and strong hip hop scene makes it easy to translate. Working with wordsmiths like Substantial, Greenspan, Mathematics, Eze Jackson & Sean Armstrong adds to the depth of the album’s message.

“As a visual artist I’ve always seen colors and shapes when listening to music. That’s the reason I called it The Purple Symphony. Different Colors have an effect on our psychological imprints. When I made the album I saw the color purple; which is a strong color, but can be used in many different ways to convey many different things.” – JSOUL