Peace World. So J-Cast me hit up letting me know that the homie, PVH (one of Chew Fu’s producer partners) posted an AWESOME remix of an acoustic song we recorded entitled, ‘Happy I’m Living’. 

This joint is great feel good music that you can also dance to. Check it out and pass it on. Also, we recently recorded the last joint for our upcoming mix project. Release date and additional information coming soon.

So just so we’re clear on what you can expect from me in 2014:

  • Art Is Where The Home Is – HIWTAI Remixes (Japan Edition) CD + Digital
    Art Is Where The Home Is – HIWTAI Remixes (US Edition) Digital Only
  • New Bop Alloy album
  • Bop Alloy Spring Tour
  • FANOMM Mixtape
  • And of course a bunch of awesome collabs and if all goes as planned, a new EFAMM album.

Stay tuned and stay in PEACE.