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HOOKIf you’re liking me like I’m liking you
Then I’d like to see what you’d like to do
Far as I can see, I’m just right for you…
What you doing for the rest of the night!

If you’re loving me like I’m loving you
Then I’d love to see what you’d love to do
Cherish your company can’t get enough of you…
What you doing for the rest of your life!
I’m a man that knows what he wants and you’re it
Taken aback, can’t even front… you’re perfect
Flaws and all. Wear it if the nike air fits
I’m in awe your presence could silence a wordsmith
Hold up…
See what I did there
You’re clearly out of orbit others aren’t even midair
Yet still down to earth, I declare you’re just rare
No trashy ensembles that resemble swim wear
Should be a spokesmodel of products for skin care
Even without make up, you’re radiant just bare
Type of beauty you’d still see if your vision was impaired
Somehow you give me hope, though the planet’s in despair
I need that, put it in a bottle and sell it
Instead I just capture you in these bars then tell it
Put it on display for them all like relics
A little slice of heaven, yes you’re angelic


You’re doing you, I’m doing me… but I’d rather do us
Til death do us, some feel that we’re doing too much
But honestly nowadays folks don’t do it enough
Made it work like free labor and whipped into shape
Ain’t saying that we’re slaves metaphorically the fact is
it’s keeping us intact… can’t let you escape
Runaway with my heart, even though it’s yours to claim
There is no putting out… this eternal flame
Hit thru the heart by miniature archer
Since then we play hard, love even harder
Wrote your name in my black book in permanent marker
I’d tag it on a statue at the National Harbor
Awakening the sleepers who doubt its the real thing
A modern day ‘Cornbread’ professing his feelings
But I ain’t saying nothing you don’t already know
If my heart was a stage you’d be the star of the show

You could be anywhere in the world but you’re here with me
…how lucky am I?
You could be with anyone you want but you chose to be with me
…how lucky am I?


Tracklisting –
1. What’s the Drill (Feat.CL aka Chaotic Lynk)
2. Do you know (Feat.Doc whisper)
3. Puppy love (Feat.The GonNita)
4. Good Company (Feat.Substantial)
5. Hard 2 Get (Feat.Jas mace of The49ers) (Midnight blue ver)
6. We Doin’ this for u (Feat.Epic of CBR)
7. Faceless (Feat. klidedabeast)
8. Fade away (Feat.Adikkal of LHA)
9. Livin’ in the sky (Feat.Nieve, Noah king ,StreetSound)
10. Gratefull (Feat.Substantial)(Remix)
11. Good Company (Inst)
12. We Doin’ this fou u (Inst)
13. Faceless (Inst)
14. Fade away (Inst)
15. Livin’ in the sky (Inst)
16. Dreamer (Feat.Z-O) (bonus track for only CD)

Album art by San sung
Cover design by by G. Minor
Directed by Hee suk kim
All produced by A June & J Beat

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