Natti – “Architecture” f/ Sha Stimuli & Substantial (Produced by Deacon The Villain) // Artwork by GodTail

For the second single from Natti’s solo debut, Still Motion, he enlists the help of supreme wordsmith’s Sha Stimuli & Substantial. With Deacon The Villain on the boards, listen as the three emcees reluctantly admire systems that, more often than not, prey on it’s participants and are designed for them to fail.
‘Architecture’ lyrics below:


Yeah yes yes it is
Will you take it all in and look at it?

The way the bricks are built to move bricks
Hustle up a pristine castle of toothpicks
Fused with the glue of accruing a few whips
Feeling brand new with your crew in some new whips
Living room laid at expense of a few flips
Alphabet soup landscaping with shoe prints
Admiring the spiraling steps and marble floors
Feeling triumphant
Victory in (Victorian) doors
Snitches sound trumpets, agents coming in yours
On behalf of a great nation. Donation
Got you in a cell pacing mind racing
Praising you while appraising your foundation
King for a day in a palace of crown molding
Now you get to see the crown, molding
Kingdom stolen
Give you work let you bubble and make it double with time
Step back and admire the design


Such a fantastic piece of architecture x2


They said it was Kool Herc that laid a foundation for us to move with
But in 30 years Diddy and Jigga altered the blueprint
The ancestral feel got modernized in a new sense
But newer isn’t always better; its like a nuisance
To see something lovely and ugly
And simultaneously make you feel like you wanna punch it, love it and lay wit it
I stand there watching the tourists view it and hate on it
And young kids mess up the artifacts and they play in it
And really once the structure became something to profit from
the Mike Tyson mansion’s the prototype when you’re pockets done
You lookin’ at the Joneses so focused like, “Yo, im coppin’ some
cars, cribs, jewelry, a trophy wife and a pile of guns”
Wow, sometimes I marvel at the moving ceilings
Artists keep on reaching; labels act like marvel super villains
Been locked in ten years no shine
I just step back and admire the design


Gaze at a beautiful mess a broken angel
of sorts good intentions on a foundation
with no joists, but the floor plan look promising
focus on profiting rather than keeping seeds blossoming
mind boggling how they remodeling, my God!
only wish they made our children as brilliant as this façade
hard not to be amazed by the maze we got here
reach the next level no clue how you got there
when the occupiable space is overcrowded
you feel somehow detached can’t wait to get up out It
it all is part of the site plan
some people feel the fault is that of the white man
we help build it, ain’t teachin’ shit at home but never miss a day on the job
build with brittle stone eventually things fall apart
the structure we’re viewing slowly become ruins in time
but for now just admire the design

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