Peace World.

We can’t change what has happened. However, we CAN take steps to prevent it from happening again. I plan to keep making music with truth & substance to uplift & motivate the mountain movers of the world. I also will continue to do what I was doing the very moment the verdict came out and that’s teach and mentor young men and women.

What will you do? I’m not talking about today, tomorrow or next week. I’m talking about for the rest of your life. The people who change the world, for better or worse, dedicate their lives to their cause. Our fickleness ensures our failure. Every dream you give up on, every cause we forget about makes us less and less of a threat. A punchline in the eyes of those who enjoy watching us tear each other apart.

This is bigger than this case, this man, this child and this country. Our WORLD is sick. If we are to heal it, we must be steadfast, resilient and dedicated.

Peace exist even in war. Look within and use it to guide your thoughts and actions.

Stay in Peace
Stan B. Robinson a.k.a. Substantial