Peace World & Happy Father’s Day!

Before I say anything else let me be clear, I love Hip Hop and I love making music but there is NOTHING more important to me than being a strong man for my family. Dedicated, patient, loving and reliable!

From a recent song I wrote…
I’m decent with the raps, but dope with this Dad s**t / Too many motherf**kers are far below average!

Get your priorities straight!!!

On that note, on behalf of brother Matt Presbury, I am proud to present Father Flows Best: The Black Fathers Mixtape. Features Common, Lauryn Hill, Substantial, Bomani Armah & many more. Brought to you by The Fatherhood Collective and DJ Black Dynamite, Father Flows Best is a dedication to fathers from fathers. The artists on this project are fathers themselves, and speak on various issues related to fatherhood, manhood and life. This effort is like no other before it. Sit back, enjoy, and know that fatherhood is forever and Fathers’ Day is everyday.

Thanks Matt for taking time to put this together. I appreciate the sentiment.

Black Daddy Gang! Babies over everything! Salute to all fathers everywhere. Stay the course. No matter what they say, OUR FAMILIES NEED US!

Stay in Peace.

More theme music for Dad’s, Home Is Where The Art IsVinyl | CD | Mp3