Peace World. It’s a new year which means new projects/music. But before the new treats lets take a moment to reflect on some of my collaborations from last year. The list and links are below. If I missed something, let me know. Enjoy and be sure to share the wealth.

01. KYOSi ‘Gravity’ feat. Substantial
02. MARCUS D ‘Night on the Town’ feat. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL
[Prod. Marcus D] | BUY
03. Substantial ‘Reloaded’ feat. Homeboy Sandman & Javier Starks
[Prod. Joe.D] | DOWNLOAD
04. Substantial ‘Make Believe (P.R Remix)’
[Prod. P.R] | DOWNLOAD
05. The Other Guys ‘When the Music Stops’ feat. Substantial
06. P.R ‘Sunchild’ feat. Substantial & Funky DL
[Prod. P.R] | DOWNLOAD
07. Steph, The Sapphic Songstress ‘Get Away’ feat. Bop Alloy
[Prod. Marcus D] | BUY
08. FANOMM ‘#1 Spot’ feat. Bootsy Collins
[Prod. Chew Fu] | BUY
09. Substantial ‘Grateful’ feat. Kenn Starr & Kokayi
[Prod. M-Phazes] | BUY
10. Steph, The Sapphic Songstress ‘The Warm-Up’ feat. Substantial
[Prod. Algorythm] | BUY
11. Wordsmith ‘Generation X’ feat. Substantial, K Sparks, CuzOH! Black & J The S
12. FANOMM ‘Gotta Get Away’
[Prod. Chew Fu] | BUY
13. Kenichiro Nishihara ‘ Rise Son’ feat. Substantial
[Prod. Kenichiro Nishihara] | BUY
14. Substantial ‘Movin Alright’ feat. yU
[Prod. Oddisee] | DOWNLOAD
15. CYNE ‘Jakob’s Ladder’ feat. Substantial

2012 Collaborations not available on the playlist
16. Dub MD ‘The Requiem’ feat. Vandalysm, Substantial, K-Sise & Kel Spencer
[Prod. Black Bethoven] | DOWNLOAD
17. The Plague ‘Twelve’ feat. Dominion & Hydra
[Prod. Wildchild] | DOWNLOAD

Stay in Peace.