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Peace World. Earlier this month, the Switzerland based “musical blog” reached out to me about adding my track, Check My Resume to a compilation they were working on. Now it’s ready and 100% free! The compilation has something for lovers of Reggae, Rock, Folk, Blues, & Dupstep.

Translated from French…

Increasingly seeking to promote unknown artists that we enjoy, we had the idea that there is some time to select the best new titles and Discoveries of each month and offer them for free download.

Peep the full article HERE.

‘Découvertes et nouveautés’ – Septembre 2012

1. Rod Anton & The Ligerians – ‘Dreamin’ (extrait de l’EP « Angel« ) (Reggae, France)
2. Andrew White – ‘What I Hold‘ (extrait de l’EP « 11 Across : Violet » (Folk, Germany)
3. Robinson – ‘I’ll Be Fine‘ (extrait de l’EP « Fits & Starts« ) (Folk, USA)
4. Pierre Omer – ‘The End Of The World‘ (extrait de l’EP « The End Of The World« ) (Blues/Rock, Genève)
5. Captain Crimson – ‘Lonely Crimson Club‘ (extrait de l’album « Dancing Madly Backwards« ) (Blues/Rock, Suède)
6. Turbo Fruits – ‘Harley Dollar Bill$‘ (extrait de l’album « Butter« ) (Rock, USA)
7. Abbot Kinney – ‘Lonesome Dove‘ (extrait de l’album « Abbot Kinney« ) (Rock, USA)
8. Sea Wolf – ‘Changing Seasons‘ (extrait de l’album « Old World Remance« ) (Rock, USA)
9. Gregory Pepper And His Problems – ‘Breathe In‘ (extrait de l’album « Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain« )  (Indie/Pop, USA)
10. YesYou – ‘Frivolous Life‘ (extrait du single « Frivolous Life« ) (Indie/Pop, USA)
11. Substantial – ‘Check My Resume (feat. DJ Jav)‘ (extrait de l’album « Home Is Where The Art Is« ) (Hip-Hop, USA)
12. Akaustik – ‘Avec Ce Que J’ai (prod. Omerta Muzik)‘ (extrait de l’EP « Chacun Son Tour« ) (Hip-Hop, La Chaux-de-Fonds)
13. Seven Lions – ‘Cosmic Love‘ (remix du titre ‘Cosmic Love‘ de Florence & The Machine) (Dubstep, USA)\

Don’t forget, today is the last day to get Home Is Where The Art Is on sale. Details HERE.

Enjoy. Stay in Peace.