Shout out to homie Bomani for this AWESOME review of my new album, Home Is Where The Art Is. This one really hit me in the heart. Thanks brother!

Bomani D. Armah

It was after sunset, so the breeze bit a little harder, and the jacket I wore was a little thin.  I’m usually in a better mood while waiting for my mobile reading room and writing desk (aka the 70 bus) but I had just finished a week of running ragged by oversleeping and missing my Sunday morning gig.  Add to that the heart-break of my sons’ schedule not allowing me to see them, I was in the midst of one those melancholy nights, questioning my own resolve, impatiently waiting to get home.  So last night, and on all the nights like this since Substantial’s Home is Where the Art It was released, I played it on my phone while staring at the bustling life on DC’s streets.  From the jump, with “Spoiled Milk”, it changes my mood.

If you haven’t meet Stan “Substantial” Robinson, you’ll get the impression from his…

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