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Peace World. Earlier this month, the Switzerland based “musical blog” reached out to me about adding my track, Check My Resume to a compilation they were working on. Now it’s ready and 100% free! The compilation has something for lovers of Reggae, Rock, Folk, Blues, & Dupstep.

Translated from French…

Increasingly seeking to promote unknown artists that we enjoy, we had the idea that there is some time to select the best new titles and Discoveries of each month and offer them for free download.

Peep the full article HERE.

‘Découvertes et nouveautés’ – Septembre 2012

1. Rod Anton & The Ligerians – ‘Dreamin’ (extrait de l’EP « Angel« ) (Reggae, France)
2. Andrew White – ‘What I Hold‘ (extrait de l’EP « 11 Across : Violet » (Folk, Germany)
3. Robinson – ‘I’ll Be Fine‘ (extrait de l’EP « Fits & Starts« ) (Folk, USA)
4. Pierre Omer – ‘The End Of The World‘ (extrait de l’EP « The End Of The World« ) (Blues/Rock, Genève)
5. Captain Crimson – ‘Lonely Crimson Club‘ (extrait de l’album « Dancing Madly Backwards« ) (Blues/Rock, Suède)
6. Turbo Fruits – ‘Harley Dollar Bill$‘ (extrait de l’album « Butter« ) (Rock, USA)
7. Abbot Kinney – ‘Lonesome Dove‘ (extrait de l’album « Abbot Kinney« ) (Rock, USA)
8. Sea Wolf – ‘Changing Seasons‘ (extrait de l’album « Old World Remance« ) (Rock, USA)
9. Gregory Pepper And His Problems – ‘Breathe In‘ (extrait de l’album « Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain« )  (Indie/Pop, USA)
10. YesYou – ‘Frivolous Life‘ (extrait du single « Frivolous Life« ) (Indie/Pop, USA)
11. Substantial – ‘Check My Resume (feat. DJ Jav)‘ (extrait de l’album « Home Is Where The Art Is« ) (Hip-Hop, USA)
12. Akaustik – ‘Avec Ce Que J’ai (prod. Omerta Muzik)‘ (extrait de l’EP « Chacun Son Tour« ) (Hip-Hop, La Chaux-de-Fonds)
13. Seven Lions – ‘Cosmic Love‘ (remix du titre ‘Cosmic Love‘ de Florence & The Machine) (Dubstep, USA)\

Don’t forget, today is the last day to get Home Is Where The Art Is on sale. Details HERE.

Enjoy. Stay in Peace.

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Peace World. Last week I dropped by the Up & Up Open Microphone to see my brothers, Gods’Illa, off before they headed to ATL. But I also dropped by to link up with longtime QN5 supporters, Esco & Jill aka ‘PretendGirl”.

Jill just so happened to catch footage of me rockin’ Check My Resume live. Check it out and pick up Home Is Where The Art Is if you haven’t already.

Digital | CD | Vinyl

Stay in Peace.

Peace World. Peep the official iTunes review of Home Is Where The Art Is. After you finish reading it, be sure to pick up a copy today. Also available on CD Vinyl.

Probably best known for his 2008 album Sacrifice, as well as his jazzed-out side project Bop Alloy (with Marcus D), Maryland emcee Substantial returns with a new, largely autobiographical project overseen by the much-loved producer Oddisee. Uninterested in high-end flossing or glamorizing thuggish buffoonery, he prefers to rhyme about family situations (“Make Up Sex” and “Umoja”), as well as the triumphs and tragedies of city living (“See Hear,” “Neighborhood Watch”). Down with both QN5 and Mello Music Group, he enlists a gang of quality collaborators, including Steph the Sapphic Songstress, Deacon the Villain (from CunninLynguists), DJ G.I. Joe, and Kenn Starr. The beats are consistently chill, mid-tempo, and sample-heavy, the ideal backdrop for Sub’s highly relatable everyman vibe. While not likely to fill up the dance floor anytime soon, this is simply good, straightforward hip-hop from an underrated dude who’s been steadily making music for more than a decade.

Stay in Peace.

P.S. When you have a moment, head over to and rate my new single, Grateful ft. Kenn Starr & Kokayi [Prod. M-Phazes]

Peace World. Latest single from my album Home Is Where The Art Is…

Free Download: Substantial “Grateful (feat. Kenn Starr & Kokayi)”
Also available for your listening pleasure on Youtube.

After being selected by Ebony Magazine as one of the hottest releases of the week along with Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Big Sean, itunes picked Substantial’s “Grateful” as one of their hot tracks. Today we are giving away Substantial’s emotive banger produced by Australia’s M-Phazes: Grateful feat. Kenn Starr & Kokayi.

To kick things off, Kenn Starr re-emerges back from the ashes, born again back from the past tense, to reflect on the fulfilment of his dreams, while Grammy nominated vocalist Kokayi carries the chorus to soaring heights. Finally, Substantial jumps in for a reflective verse filled with meaningful word play: “Last words to my daughter would be learn baby learn.”

To top it all off, Substantial will also have an acoustic concert at The Smithsonian (American Art Museum) Sunday, November 4, 2012, 1:30 – 3:30 pm.

Home Is Where The Art Is, now available: DigitalCDVinyl

RATE & COMMENT: 2DopeBoyz |

Shout out to homie Bomani for this AWESOME review of my new album, Home Is Where The Art Is. This one really hit me in the heart. Thanks brother!

Bomani D. Armah

It was after sunset, so the breeze bit a little harder, and the jacket I wore was a little thin.  I’m usually in a better mood while waiting for my mobile reading room and writing desk (aka the 70 bus) but I had just finished a week of running ragged by oversleeping and missing my Sunday morning gig.  Add to that the heart-break of my sons’ schedule not allowing me to see them, I was in the midst of one those melancholy nights, questioning my own resolve, impatiently waiting to get home.  So last night, and on all the nights like this since Substantial’s Home is Where the Art It was released, I played it on my phone while staring at the bustling life on DC’s streets.  From the jump, with “Spoiled Milk”, it changes my mood.

If you haven’t meet Stan “Substantial” Robinson, you’ll get the impression from his…

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Peace World. New music from my other brothers, The Other Guys. Peep their new album entitled The Other Album.

Last month, TOG dropped their well received 1st single from TOA featuring yours truly called, When The Music Stops ft. Substantial. Now the wait is over and you can check out their new album here or head over to their Bandcamp page and download it now.

Favorites: When The Music Stops,Father’s Day,Remember, &Tanya
More info below. Enjoy

For their new album,they contacted legendary local jazz musicians Tony Washington, Peter Lewis, and even James Morris to play on the LP. The duos main producer Joseph “Mighty Joe” Myles, whose been playing piano since the age of 9 proves his music lessons were well worth it when he adds his own instrumentation as well. The result creates a beautiful blend of current hip hop and jazz that listeners haven’t been privy to since raps golden age. The emcee, Isaiah “Insanate” Mensah as always paints stellar pictures using melodic flows and jaw dropping lyrics. The project, executive produced by The Other Guys themselves, charts sonic terrains familiar to hip hop purists while being innovative for ears seeking refreshing sounds. These guys do creativity in abundance and “The Other Album” is a reflection of that in every way.

Peace World. Peep this mix I received via Twitter from @DJRashadHayes which includes the opening track from Home Is Where The Art IsSpilled Milk (prod. by SlopFunkDust). Take a listen peep the track list and mix description below.

1. Chase N. Cashe Intro
2. Take it to the Floor – Sir Michael Rocks
3. Fantasy- Schoolboy Q ft. Jhene Aiko
4.California – Wiz Khalifa
5. Cold – Mac Miller
6. Swimming Pools (Drank) – Kendrick Lamar
7. Spilled Milk- Substantial
8. Privacy Glass- Curren$y
9. Current Events- Phony Ppl
10. Watermelon Sundae- dom Kennedy
11. Gold Soul Theory- the Underachievers

This mix is highlighting the diverse new talent in the underground hip-hop scene. There’s always a lot of negative things focused & highlighted by the mainstream media but true love always prevails and that’s the beautiful thing about the underground aspects of culture. Progress and creativity always rises from the few who create out of a true passion & appreciation for life and the infinite possibilities. It’s the evil people behind the scenes who want to bottle that phenomenon and sell it for a ridiculous price to the unsuspecting masses. How can you make rules for the truly creative? I even stifled myself when I played live thinking that the people just wanted to hear the same stuff they’re familiar with. I’ve since decided to be free and always play sets that leave a mark. No filter. You can waste a lot of time in life complaining about things you don’t like or you can choose to focus on things you enjoy. This mix is starring Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Curren$y, Mac Miller, Sir Michael Rocks (Cool Kids), the Underachievers, Phony Ppl, Substantial, and Chase N. Cashe. The world is yours.

Download this mix: HERE
Home Is Where The Art Is CD | Digital | Vinyl

Enjoy. Stay in Peace.

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