Peace World. The great press keeps rolling in. Check out Home Is Where The Art Is on (Ebony Magazine) Read the review below or click the image above to view it on their site. Stay in Peace.. oh and for the record, it’s Tonedeff.

Amidst all the ignorance and materialism that runs rampant in hip-hop, there are always those other rappers who make sure to keep their content positive. Enter Substantial. The Maryland native has been rapping and releasing music for over a decade and has gained a substantial following—no pun intended—around the world for his wordsmithery and dexterous flow. His latest project, Home is Where the Art Is, doesn’t stray from what Stan is known for. He tapped friends like Tone Def, DJ G.I. Joe and more for this project, which has turned out to be a solid effort. Standout tracks include  “Check My Resume,” where he raps over bells and heavy drums about how nice he is and even tosses in a rest in peace line to his late former collaborator Nujabes (read: The Japanese J-Dilla), “Umoja,” where he pays homage to people in his life who helped to raise him, and “Make Up Sex.” I can’t find anything wrong with the album but it’s a shame that Substantial doesn’t get as much recognition as, say, your run of the mill gun-toting teenager. Anyway, you need this in your life if you’re a lover of hip-hop.

‘Home is Where the Art Is’ is available for purchase right now.