Peace World. So if you were watching Mello Music Group’s (MMG) tweets yesterday, they gave a little insight on how we connected. For those of you that missed it, here’s the recap.

4:00PM – August 7, 2012
MelloMusicGroup: “The next new artist we linked up w/ was Substantial aka @Substizzle”

4:05PM – August 7, 2012
“Substantial was an artist I knew for his voice on a number of tracks including this one Fabio Musta joint that was ill
*Purchase “I’m Ready” by Fabio Musta ft. Substantial & Elias by clicking the previous link or listen below.

4:10PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “Anyway, so @Oddisee hit me up and told me he had helped put an album together front to back with @Substizzle and asked if I’d be interested.”

4:15PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “Of course I wanted to hear it, so they sent it over and I dug in.
*FUN FACT – I was on a bullet train to Tokyo with Marcus D when I got the message from MMG to send the album over. Thankfully, Yukari hooked us up with the Hotspot FTW!

4:20PM – August 7, 2012
“Immediately I heard Oddisee’s imprint on the record, having prod. 4 of the tracks & in the selection of others like M-Phazes & Eric Lau”
*ANOTHER FUN FACT – Tonedeff hooked me up with the M-Phazes tracks w/ instructions to “kill it”. Later on,  Odd provided me with feedback/direction for the tracks once we decided to use them for the album. GO TEAM GO!

4:25PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “Substantial had a sharp flow and something positive in his lyrics w/out being too squared off

4:30PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “The record also kept getting better w/ more listens – something a lot of records don’t do.”

4:35PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “At the same time, Substantial’s personal story was one I wanted to hear: from his MC history, to community work, to overcoming cancer.”
*NOT SO FUN FACT – My Road to Recovery

4:40PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “After talking with Substantial it was clear he was a professional who knew not just the mic, but the entire field – marketing, touring, art”

4:45PM – August 7, 2012
MMG: “The record was something I wanted to be a part of. Home Is Where The Art Is


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Stay in Peace.