via Instagram World. Here’s the latest edition of FAMonWAX series: Funky DL’s Loud Noise of Silence.
Nujabes actually gave this piece of wax to me the same night he gave me a copy of his 1st single with L Universe – Ain’t No Mystery.

I actually didn’t meet Funky DL until 04′ or 05′ in passing, heading in to Jun’s place. It wasn’t until after he passed away that DL and I got a chance to really chat. If you’ve never met the guy, besides being a great MC, he’s arguably one of the nicest brother’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with and… he got beats! Check out his old single below, which the 12″ also featured a remix from Nujabes.

For those of you who’ve been sleep for the last 6 months & missed our two collabs, check out Night On The Town produced by my Bop Alloy partner, Marcus D and Sunchild produced by Aussie beatsmith, P.R

Enjoy. Stay in Peace.

P.S. Home Is Where The Art Is drops September 4, 2012.