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Peace World. I can honestly say that as someone who has gradually changed my diet over the years, (According to my doctor & my damn self) I am healthier now than I have ever been since giving up beef, poultry and pork. I still eat fish, but not daily. Although, I’m a “Snack fiend”, I try to limit my sugar.  And of course, exercise is extremely important. So although, I much rather say “EAT BETTER, LIVE BETTER” some of us only respond to things that seem like scare tactics. But if it helps to get information in your hands to help you live a healthier and longer life, than so be it. PLEASE READ THIS!

Stay in Peace…

Eat Meat & Die


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Peace World. So, I was sitting here bored and I figured out how to link my account to my blog and the result is above. Pardon the blurry photo. It’s a camera phone shot my daughter’s teacher sent me. Blurry or not it makes me happy. 🙂 I hope it does the same for you.

Stay in Peace
Serenity’s Proud Pop a.k.a. Substantial

P.S. By the way, P.E.A.C.E. = Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation for those that don’t know.

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DVP’s Bentley GT V8 Launch Event feat. FANOMM, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Supergroup FANOMM (Chew Fu, J-Cast & Substantial) Puts the Pedal to the Metal in Shanghai, China and Collaborates with Bentley Motors to Launch the 2013 Continental GT V8 Automobile

Shanghai, China_ FANOMM, the Supergroup comprised of CHEW FU(Mega-Producer/Serial-Fixer/ Super-DJ whose production credits include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Kings of Leon), J-CAST (Future-Perfect singer/songwriter and the son of Funk-Soul-Legend Jimmy Castor), and SUBSTANTIAL (Critically acclaimed B-more mic ripper and arguably the most complete/versatile MC in the game) switched to the fast-lane in Shanghai, China and collaborated with Bentley Motors to Launch the new 2013 Continental GT V8 Automobile. The launch event held at the Waterhouse Warehouse at the Waterhouse Hotel in Shanghai was produced and executed seamlessly by DVP China Entertainment Marketing with support from NY based Youngstar mbc.

With more than 500 of Shanghai’s most significant and fabulous in attendance, Bentley Motors unveiled its newest luxury supercar, the Bentley GT V8, a vehicle uniquely capable of both stirring the soul and calming the spirit, according to the mood of the driver or the conditions. From the moment it was unveiled, all signs pointed to perfection… from the dark mesh radiator grille, ringed by bright metal…to the aggressive lower bumper with its three air intakes…to the dark rear valance, with its twin exhaust tailpipes shaped into an elongated, side-on figure eight….and not to be forgotten one small, but significant detail: a red enamel Bentley winged ‘B’. These tell-tale signs of the all-new Bentley, powered by a 4.0 litre V8 engine, reinforced the notion that the king of the road truly “Drives to A Different Beat,” which, for the record, was the theme of this year’s campaign.

The highlight of the evening was a showstopping performance by FANOMM, who revved up the crowd with their Bentley GT V8 Theme Song, crafted specifically for this event, before showcasing their “FANOMMenal” talents with a full-throttle and striking performance of their CHEW FU-produced hits including SWEET DREAMS, a remake of the Eurhythmics’ classic, and #1 SPOT, which features J-CAST’S rock-driven vocals and lyrical stylings, SUBSTANTIAL’S ferocious multi-tempo flow, and the legendary BOOTSY COLLINS on bass and additional vocals.

According to Youngstar mbc founding principal, JOHN FRAZIER, “ There exists no better artists to launch the new Bentley GT V8 than FANOMM, especially when you consider the fact that Bentley’s 2013 “Drive To A Different Beat” campaign could easily be used to define FANOMM’s future-perfect style of music, which uniquely fuses into a singular hotness, the best elements of all our favorite genres from Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, and Dance to Electronic and Funk. Bentley Drives to a different beat and FANOMM Vibes to a Different Beat….For real”

FAMOMM’S self titled EP is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, July 10th as part of Youngstar music-based content’s (mbc) ambitious 104-WEEKS Campaign, which has the company famously releasing a new album, EP, or single for 104 consecutive weeks. The 104-WEEKS Campaign commenced on Friday, January 6, 2012, and runs through Friday, January 3, 2014. Among the new music to be released, are offerings from the following: Chew Fu, Bootsy Collins, Doug E. Fresh, Donna Summer, Rapper’s Delight (f/k/a Sugar Hill Gang), Wiley, Gene Simmons, Eurythmics, Beenie Man, Jimmy Castor, Steve Clisby, J-Cast, Substantial, A-Clay, and Nice & Smooth.


Photography by Patrick Wack |

Peace World.   The Wire was one of my favorite TV shows in the past 10 years so, when I saw this on youtube yesterday, I felt compelled to post and share it with you guys. If your sense of humor is as twisted as mine and you were a fan of the show, you’ll enjoy it!

What made this clip even funnier was a tweet Tonedeff sent me earlier this week…

Stay in peace and for the record, Baltimore’s not as bad as you think. I love my city for better or worst.

P.S. Home Is Where The Art Is Album Watch

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