Peace World.  Today, I am beyond proud to announce the release of my good friend, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress debut project, The SapphicSoul EP, produced entirely by Algorythm (of the Stuyvesants). It’s currently available on Bandcamp, so pick up your copy today.

I’m honored to be featured on 2 tracks from the EP which includes the previously released crowd mover, The Warm-Up and a bonus track featuring Bop Alloy (produced by Marcus D) available with your purchase from BandcampThe SapphicSoul EP also features Mr. SOS, Toby, Javier Starks, 4Phor, & KIN4LIFE.

Drift, Grown & Sexy & Make It Happen

Please remember, when you support those who I consider family, it’s as good as supporting me. Steph has been apart of every album/project I’ve released over the last 5 years and will also be on my 3rd solo album and the next Bop Alloy release. This is a big moment for her and she deserves our support! So MAKE IT HAPPEN! (Did you catch what I did right there?) 😉

Enjoy & pass it on!