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Peace World. Check out this exclusive footage (by JLeslieMonique) of Bop Alloy, along with Hip-Hop/R&B vocalist Steph from their visit to Columbia College Chicago for the celebration Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and to talk about their careers as musicians and working with the late Nujabes.

Enjoy and pass it on!

P.S. Pick up Bop Alloy‘s The R & R HERE.


Peace World. It’s here, folks! The debut single from FANOMM (Chew Fu, J-Cast, & Substantial), entitled #1 Spot featuring Funk Legend & Icon, Bootsy Collins! Check out the video above with Bootsy introducing the single on Youtube, then click the cover below the excerpt to pick up #1 Spot on iTunes.

Taken from the official press release…

Produced by CHEW FU#1 SPOT features J-CAST’S rock-driven vocals and lyrical stylings,SUBSTANTIAL’S ferocious multi-tempo flow, and the legendary BOOTSY COLLINS on bass and additional vocals #1 SPOT epitomizes our concept of Future-Perfect music by fusing into a singular hotness, the best elements of all our favorite genres from Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, and Dance to Electronic and Funk,” says Youngstar mbc founding principal, JOHN FRAZIER. “The fusion of genres and the extremely high level of musicianship exhibited on #1 SPOT lets you know that FANOMM is all about the music,” says J-CAST, “a point made clear by our name.”SUBSTANTIAL continues,  “When we were trying to come up with a name our collective response was, we’re all about the music, F#ck A Name…and a name was born. F.A.NOMM is French for F#ck a Name.”

Like us:
Twitter: @FANOMM
iTunes: #1 SpotSweet Dreams

Stay tuned for more releases/news from FANOMM & PURE CREATIVE GROUP/

FANOMM is just one of many projects I’m working on this year. Here’s a brief list of SOME of what you have to look forward to from me in 2012…

  • My 3rd LP, Home Is Where The Art Is
  • Bop Alloy’s 2nd official album
  • The MIXTAPE I’ve been keeping a secret since May of last year
  • New collabs with some of your favorite artists and new comers
  • B.A.R.K. Tour 2 in Japan this November

“No excuses, just productivity.” Stay in Peace

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Peace World.  Today, I am beyond proud to announce the release of my good friend, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress debut project, The SapphicSoul EP, produced entirely by Algorythm (of the Stuyvesants). It’s currently available on Bandcamp, so pick up your copy today.

I’m honored to be featured on 2 tracks from the EP which includes the previously released crowd mover, The Warm-Up and a bonus track featuring Bop Alloy (produced by Marcus D) available with your purchase from BandcampThe SapphicSoul EP also features Mr. SOS, Toby, Javier Starks, 4Phor, & KIN4LIFE.

Drift, Grown & Sexy & Make It Happen

Please remember, when you support those who I consider family, it’s as good as supporting me. Steph has been apart of every album/project I’ve released over the last 5 years and will also be on my 3rd solo album and the next Bop Alloy release. This is a big moment for her and she deserves our support! So MAKE IT HAPPEN! (Did you catch what I did right there?) 😉

Enjoy & pass it on!

Peace World. So earlier today, I was on Facebook and I saw that Bootsy Collins (YES, the one and only Bootzilla) let the cat out of the bag and mentioned the new collaboration we did with him and also posted the cover art. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic right now! Check out what he wrote below or click the LINK:

2DAY, I Shoot A Video for the New Group Called: “Fanomm”. My friend “Chew Fu” has put 2Gether a Host of Excitement for the “New Music World”. (The New World Odor) I am excited & a bit Funked Up about the Possibilities!    William “Bootsy” Collins

So who’s “we”? “We”, just so happens to be, FANOMM, the Supergroup comprised of frequent collaborators Chew Fu (Mega-Producer/Serial-Fixer/Super-DJ whose production credits include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Kings of Leon), J-CAST (Future-Perfect singer/songwriter and the son of Funk-Soul-Legend Jimmy Castor) and last but not least, yours truly, Substantial.

This week we’ll be releasing our 1st single, #1 Spot featuring Bootsy Collins on iTunes. Get ready!

Stay in peace and stay tuned for more updates.

P.S. I know it’s April Fool’s Day but, this is NOT a joke.

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