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Peace World. Last Friday was frequent collaborator and close friend, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress’ birthday!  As a gift to her fans, she released a video which concludes with a surprise leak from her new project.  Check out The Warm-Up ft. Substantial (Produced by: Algorythm of The Stuyvesants). Joint bangs from start to finish and is one of my favorite Steph collabs. Take a listen and see why I can’t wait for our first opportunity to perform this live.  For details on her debut release, The SapphicSoul EP, which drops APRIL 3rd, watch the video below.

For more info, watch the video and let me also say that I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED about this release and I’m as anxious as a virgin on prom night!  Here’s a few more details from Steph’s Blog:

Be one of the first of 200 to download this single exclusively from Bandcamp for free and receive 30% off the purchase of The SapphicSoul EP when it drops on April 3, 2012 digitally on my Bandcamp page(one discount per person). That’s right! This offer will only be available until April 2, 2012, or until this single has been downloaded by 200 people, so get your copy today while this offer stands!

Enjoy and peep the links below for more info on Steph, The Sapphic SongstressBANDCAMPBLOGFACEBOOKTWITTER

Stay in peace.


Peace World. In memory of Jun, here’s my favorite song he produced, Ordinary Joe ft. Terry Callier. Such an awesome remake! Powerful message, with beautiful music. Jun’s flute solo, gets me every time.

“Each little bird in the sky, is just a little bit freer than I.”

Rest in Peace, brother. Thanks for the memories.


Peace World. I’m sure lately you all have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much over the last few weeks.  It’s due to my new gig as a Student Advocate where I work with Middle School students helping them stay on the straight narrow path.

The only downside to my new gig is the lengthy commute (1 hour, 15 minutes). However, I’ve managed to turn the downside into an upside, thanks to projects like the one above: DJ Jav’s El Mix-O Cuatro.

The mixtape is dope, front to back, and it’s just the right amount of time to get me through my daily commute. It’s a great mix of new and not-so new, quality Hip Hop & R & B and features exclusives from me (Substantial) & Homeboy Sandman. It also includes music from my DMV brethren Gods’Illa, Kokayi, yU, Uptown X.O., J $crilla, DTMD and many others.


Basically, I consider this brother family. That being said, when you support my fam, you’re supporting me. View the entire tracklisting, listen and pick up the mixtape HERE.

Enjoy & pass it on.

Lyrics available courtesy of

Peace World. Check out new music from up & coming Aussie producer, P.R featuring Substantial & Funky DL – Sunchild. I definitely enjoyed working on this record and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of his EP entitled, Introspection.

[Intro: Substantial +Explain Funky DL]

[Verse 1: Substantial]
I’m headed out ta’
Various cities that I encounter
Handin’ concierge passports across counters
Cross timezones, find poems above clouds
Check in prior to mic checks after I touchdown
Triple S time, get rhymes in order
For the evening festivities. Make time for daughter
Via Skype ‘cause she missing me like I’m on a poster
And I am but it’s different see I am not lost but
Find me on stage, losing my self like Mr. Mathers
Spittin’ what matters to listeners at this particular gathering
…And I admit that I have a gift for the gab
But still make time to get equip for the path so I bring
…Something true to the table
So this music enables me
To go where few aren’t able
To do their thing
Lay the foundation for ‘em
Hopefully it’ll be discovered when they’re out their explorin’

[Hook: Substantial] x2
I don’t know
Where this path goes
But I’ll be there

Mic in my hand
Soul pumpin’ out my chest
While the DJ hold it down
Playing something I can bless

[Verse 2: Funky DL]
I am a child of music, flowing just like a cruise ship
I won’t ever loose it, brighter then when the rooms lit
Holding the mic so tight, I’m bound to give it bruises
The way I do’s this, It’s like people are feeling clueless
Who’ this? Funky, the lord of the underground
Strike like lightning, following with the thunder sound
BOOM! So come dance with me, while p-dot-r do it substantially
So what’s the reason? we want to give you something to believe in
Every-time we take a piece of vinyl, pull it out the sleeve
And put a needle to it, you can feel a positive influence
Like a teacher to a student, at the same time it’s the coolest
And every-time I do this, I don’t question me
It’s just my chosen path, journey, and my destiny
So like my man Stan say “We lay the foundation for them”
Hopefully they play this record when they’re chilling on the corner

[Hook: Funky DL] x2
I don’t know
Where this path goes
But I’ll be there

Mic in my hand
Soul pumpin’ out my chest
While the DJ hold it down
With the records he suggests

[Outro: Substantial + Funky DL]
Fresh! … Rest In Peace Nujabes

For more updates from P.R, visit his sites: or

Enjoy & pass it on.

Stay in Peace

P.S. Pick up Bop Alloy‘s The R & R HERE.

“Yo Substantial, why did you cut your locks???” Here’s the answer.

Background music by Aloe Blacc & Slaughterhouse.

An Njama Production
Directed by: Thomas Artis


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