Peace World. Here’s the latest Bop Alloy news…

We are still working diligently to ship out the rest of your orders. We apologize for the delay and we just want to take a second to let you know what’s going on.

  • “I haven’t received my package .” There are several potential reasons your package could be delayed. 1) We still haven’t received your T-Shirt size via email. 2) We had to ship some of the merchandise after the new year from East to West Coast to get the last of it signed by the both of us. 3) Because of the amount of T-Shirt perks purchased we didn’t have enough of certain sizes to meet all of the orders. We placed a new order with the good folks at Delicately Made Printing Inc. who have been great to us but regrettably informed that us their “wholesaler is out of stock” and that “we’ll have to wait for the 13th of January for the re-stock.” If you ordered a Large or Medium Men’s T-shirt and haven’t received your order yet, then this may apply you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • “Haven’t received your Skype call yet! S’up wit that?!” Well, of the 6 contributors eligible to receive that perk, only 1 has replied to us with their Skype username. Please make sure you send it to us ASAP.

Big up to our brothers CYNE for supporting our IndieGoGo campaign and also had this to say about The R & R“The record is excellent.” – CYNE   Be sure to check out their recent release, Wasteland Vol. 1


  • Feb. 18 – Richmond, VA (Details coming soon)

*Note: We are currently booking our Spring 2012 Tour & spot dates. If you are interested in booking Bop Alloy, please contact us @ bopalloy[at]gmail[dot]com

Shout out to the good folks at Access Music in San Diego for picking up copies of our new project, The R & R. Stop by and pick up a copy and get a free poster or you can order it online. They also are the only store in the US that you can walk into and pick up our 1st album as well.

For a full list of stores that carry our album, click HERE. Interested in carrying our album, please contact us @ bopalloy[at]gmail[dot]com

This weekend, we plan to finally unveil the never seen before Official Music Video for Chillaxation. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel so that you are notified immediately when it goes live. Take a look at the screen caps, if you missed them before.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates by adding us on Facebook | Google+Twitter

Sub/Stan (1/2 of Bop Alloy)