Peace World. New Music from Bop Alloy!!!

Ocean Dance [Arrival]
Produced by: Marcus D
Album: The R & R (Remixes & Revisions)
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Ocean Dance [Arrival], produced by curator of the signature Bop Alloy sound, Marcus D, is an eargasmic collage of cool drums, smothered in warm bass, subtle keys and baritone vocals by Substantial. Vibrant horns & background vocals by Kokayi put the icing on this little slice of heaven, which Substantial describes as “70’s porn spliced with the best elevator music you’ve heard in your life.” He delivers rhymes about the affair we all share with the ocean when we’re in desperate need of a getaway. Describing his mistress with lyrics like: “You taste like tears, smell like freedom / Could’ve brought my cares and worries here but I don’t need em…” and “I like the way she move (move – move) / So I stop to say “Hey!” (Hey – Hey) / ‘Cause even though she’s blue (blue – blue) / She’s sweet enough to wave (wave – wave)”.

Enjoy and let the “R & R” commence!

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