Peace World. We’re 29 days away from bringing Bop Alloy’s The R & R Campaign to a close! Thus far, we’ve raised $2,839.00!!! Which means, thanks to you guys, we’re only $2,161.00 away from reaching our goal! So here’s a quick status update on “The little project that could”.

Above is a look at our Limited Edition R & R Poster, which is available with every contribution of $25 or more to our IndieGoGo Campaign. It includes the cover art, a list of the features & gives you a peak at some of the online retailers who will be carrying our project, including Bop Alloy supporters,  Here’s a quote they shared with us after listening to our new release:

“Bop Alloy’s blend of classic hip-hop, jazz and soul is bringing an organic sound back to hip-hop that’s far too good to hide behind swag.”

The R & R will be available for purchase on, who will also have an exclusive mixtape version of the project, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, for those who’d like to preview the project before purchasing it.

Lastly, we/re expecting the finished master of the album, from K-Murdock of Panacea today! We’ve also received a rough cut of the Chillaxation video and it’s looking pretty awesome so far.

Stay tuned for more great news and please continue to help us spread the word so we can reach our goal: Bop Alloy’s The R & R IndieGoGo Campaign

Stay in Peace

12/09 – Tokyo, Japan | Shibuya Deseo*
12/10 – Osaka, Japan | Drum & Bass Records/Club Stereo*
12/11 – Kyoto, Japan | Silver Wings*
12/16 – Taipei, Taiwan | Pipe

*More B.A.R.K. Less Bitin’ Tour