Peace World. Check out this video from of me spittin’ an exclusive acapella verse. Peep the lyrics below.

I should be your 1st pick, long before the 2nd interview
3rd LP’s a 4 out 5 minimum
Even with short pockets stood taller than a Sentinel
My drive’s uncanny, not your average individual
You’d think I graduated from the Xavier Institute
But School of Hard Knocks is where I took my classes
Where I got my Master… Of Ceremony Tactics
My Poor Righteous Teachers taught me to make only classics
You may know me as this
Educator & a vocalist
But who the hell you know’s a team player & a sololist
Can dress to impress but I’m fly when I’m plain
Too thorough, if I quit you would hire me again
So fire’em if they lame
I’ve come for what’s mine
Work around the clock so I can keep up with the times
Since elementary I flipped a dub from a dime
While they get the pink slip I get the W-9!