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Peace World. Almost a month after my surgery on May 10, 2011, I sat down with the doctor who performed the procedure, Dr. Howard. K. Berg, to ask him a few questions about Colon Cancer & general health in hopes of shedding a little light on issues that people often overlook.

Checkout this informative interview and pass it on.

Stay in Peace,

P.S. Thanks again for all of the prayers, kind words and love. I appreciate every one of you.

Peace World. Take a second to check out the man behind the music of our group Bop Alloy, Marcus D.  He’s working on a new project entitled, Melancholy Hopeful and needs your support. Watch the vid for more info and stay tuned for more music.  Click the link for more info:  “Melancholy Hopeful” Kickstarter Campaign

Stay in Peace

Peace World. Check out this video from of me spittin’ an exclusive acapella verse. Peep the lyrics below.

I should be your 1st pick, long before the 2nd interview
3rd LP’s a 4 out 5 minimum
Even with short pockets stood taller than a Sentinel
My drive’s uncanny, not your average individual
You’d think I graduated from the Xavier Institute
But School of Hard Knocks is where I took my classes
Where I got my Master… Of Ceremony Tactics
My Poor Righteous Teachers taught me to make only classics
You may know me as this
Educator & a vocalist
But who the hell you know’s a team player & a sololist
Can dress to impress but I’m fly when I’m plain
Too thorough, if I quit you would hire me again
So fire’em if they lame
I’ve come for what’s mine
Work around the clock so I can keep up with the times
Since elementary I flipped a dub from a dime
While they get the pink slip I get the W-9! 

Monk & Papadoc presents:
“Rising the Sun”
(Tsunami Fundraising Event)

“Japan Recently faced a tragic devastation the tsunami. Like the rest of the world, the DMV will be contributing to help assist in aiding the country through Hip Hop. All Proceeds raides will go to the Red Cross in contributing for the greater good!”
Admission fee: $5 (all donated to Red Cross)
Ages: 21+
Location: 4001 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

DC For Japan will also be selling exclusive Japan Fundraising stickers for the Red Cross @ Rising The Sun!

DJ JS-1 – “Last To Know (ft. Tonedeff)” [Directed By Adam Buncher] from QN5 Music on Vimeo.

Peace once again world. I had a lot of treats in my inbox today. I figured it was pointless keeping to myself. Check out this dope video by the homies DJ JS-1 & Tonedeff entitled, Last To Know from JS-1’s upcoming album, No One Cares which features new music from Dominion (PackFM, Mr. Mecca, & Substantial) and the rest of the who’s who in Indy Hip-Hop.  Pre-order your copy today at today.

DJ JS 1 Ground Original 3 No One Cares Audio CD 2CD Front


Helium | Produced By: !llmind & Symbolyc One | Download
Addtional Guitars By: Dr.Know Jr

Peace World. Check out this new song (fresh cover art) from the Momentous Collection. A debut solo project by my little brother Naturel. Enjoy!

Check out what The Crown Museum had to say:

Produced by !llmind (50 Cent, Redman, Apl (Black Eyed Peas) & Symbolyc One (Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay-Z) & Additional Guitars By: Dr.Know Jr.  “Helium” is the first glimpse into Naturel’s debut solo visual/musical project entitled Momentous. Unlike similar collaborative projects, DMV native Naturel is simultaneously the sole designer and songwriter of the entire production. The Momentous collection will be unveiled to the public early July 2011. For more information please visit & follow him on twitter – @therealnaturel

Past Naturel & Substantial collaboration

Peace World. Check out this awesome new FREE DOWNLOAD entitled, R3TS&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED from my brother Kokayi.  It features 8 new remixes from his critically acclaimed album, Robots & Dinosaurs.  It also includes 2 guest spots by yours truly and is mixed by one of the coolest Capricorns I know, DJ Tunji (who also shares my BDay). Enjoy and pass it on!

1. Intro (Let’s Get Live)
2. Ninety5 [Billy The Gent RMX]
3. Autumn Rules [D. Painter RMX]
4. Chanticleer [Cam Jus RMX]
5. DJ Tunji Interlude
6. Only [Nick tha 1Da RMX]
7. Believe It [DJ Outllaw RMX]
8. Hiya [J.Laine RMX]
9. Over There [Man Mantis RMX]
10. RoxTar [DJ Roddy Rod RMX


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