Peace World.  For those who know me personally, you know that Kool Herc has been a good friend of my wife and I for the last 6 years.  So needless to say, but I quite shocked when I saw the blogs and tweets about his health.  We spoke on the phone yesterday evening and he’s taking it easy but he’s definitely needs our help with his bill for a procedure he needs to get.  He like many of your favorite Hip-Hop artists/musicians doesn’t have Health Insurance.

For those of you in the Baltimore area on Wednesday, we will taking donations to help with his medical bills at Commen Mindz.

Jambalaya Wednesdays
@ Commen Mindz Barbershop & Oasis
1826 Woodlawn Drive, Suite #3
Baltimore, MD
Cover $5

We will also be giving folks a brief history of Kool Herc and the early days of Hip-Hop.  For those of you who wish to donate directly, please read the information below.

Stay in Peace

The following information was taken from DJ Premier’s site (

Donation addresses are up, all donations can be send to:

P.O. BOX 20472

or you can wire you donation internationally via paypal to this address: (his sister)

His sister is taking care of everything. Press release is coming later today. He’s now home ok, but he’s in need of surgery which you can help him pay it. I’ll post if there are any more updates. Hip Hop is so beautiful… Thanks to everyone for the love… Kool Herc is a trending topic!